Top 10 Recovery Blogs in South Africa

We considered depth, quality, and breadth of content when compiling this list of South Africa’s top 10 blog sites. These sites offer professional advice, personal stories, and many resources for addiction recovery. These sites were chosen for their informative content and commitment to building a supportive community for people in recovery. They provide insightful, trustworthy, and empathetic content that can inspire and guide recovery.

  1. We Do Recover – This platform is a leading blog in South Africa that provides a plethora of information about addiction recovery. It strikes a balance between professional advice, personal stories of triumph, and actionable steps to facilitate recovery. The blog’s empathetic and insightful approach offers encouragement, hope, and a sense of community for those in the recovery process.
  2. Therapy Joburg – This blog stands out for its focus on the therapeutic aspects of addiction recovery. Therapy Joburg highlights the importance of mental health and holistic healing in the journey of recovery. It’s a trove of resources that features different therapeutic approaches, professional insights, and personal stories aimed at helping readers navigate their path to recovery.
  3. Addiction Recovery – This blog serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking information about addiction recovery. It covers a wide range of topics from the science of addiction, different recovery methodologies, to maintaining long-term sobriety. Its compassionate and understanding tone makes it an encouraging resource for individuals on their recovery journey.
  4. Cape Town Rehabs – This blog provides in-depth information about rehabilitation centers in Cape Town. It offers a wealth of resources, including reviews and recommendations of various rehab facilities. This blog is a must-read for anyone seeking rehab services in the Cape Town area.
  5. Addiction Rehabs – This blog is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking for information about rehabilitation facilities in South Africa. It provides detailed reviews, facility descriptions, and supportive resources, helping individuals find the best-suited rehab for their recovery journey.
  6. Cape Town Rehab – This blog offers the latest news and developments in the realm of addiction recovery in Cape Town. Its well-researched articles and news features make it a go-to resource for anyone interested in staying updated about the addiction recovery scene in Cape Town.
  7. We Do Recover – Another great resource from the We Do Recover initiative, this blog shares a wealth of resources and information on addiction recovery. Its unique combination of professional advice, personal narratives, and recovery resources provides an invaluable support system for its readers.
  8. Psychiatric – This blog focuses on the intersection of addiction and psychiatric health, highlighting the importance of addressing mental health issues alongside addiction. It provides a plethora of information on various psychiatric conditions, treatment methods, and supportive resources.
  9. Bipolar Clinics – This blog specializes in providing information on bipolar disorder and its relation to addiction. It sheds light on the complexities of co-occurring disorders and offers insights into effective treatment methods and coping strategies.
  10. Changes Centre – This blog serves as a virtual support center offering practical advice, resources, and community support for individuals on their recovery journey. With a focus on lifestyle changes and personal growth, this blog empowers readers to take charge of their recovery process.

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